Life List

  1. Try 50 new cocktails.
  2. Grow herbs year round in my kitchen
  3. Eat dim sum in Chinatown
  4. Learn to ski.
  5. Attend an Olympic Games
  6. Learn to make gnocchi
  7. Plant a vegetable garden.
  8. Hike the Applachain Trail (parts of it)
  9. Visit every province and territory in Canada (done-ON, QU, NB, NS, MN, AB, BC, SK)
  10. Live in France for at least a month.
  11. Swim in the Dead Sea.
  12. Take voice lessons.
  13. Take each of my kids on a trip by themselves.
  14. Adopt a dog or puppy.
  15. Print, frame and hang some of my photographs.
  16. Go on a safari.
  17. Learn to speak French fluently.
  18. Start a blog.
  19. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant.
  20. Visit Macchu Picchu
  21. Learn how to take better care of my skin and put on make-up.
  22. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  23. Find a lipstick shade that suits me.
  24. Acknowledge family and friends' birthdays with something special.
  25. Send thank you notes when appropriate.
  26. Learn to cook 10 vegetable dishes that my family will eat.
  27. Eat "meatless" one day per week.
  28. Accessorize.
  29. Read 25 "Great Books" that I haven't read before.
  30. Wear a bikini again.
  31. Reduce my carbon footprint (www.
  32. Teach myself to knit socks.
  33. Take a photography class.
  34. Learn how to use Photoshop.
  35. Bake a decent baguette.
  36. Help on a Habitat for Humanity build.
  37. Convert my whole front yard into perennial gardens.
  38. Taste black truffles.
  39. Walk on Juno beach in Normandy.
  40. Learn how to play chess.
  41. Teach my kids how to cook a good pasta sauce from scratch.
  42. Break a Canadian Masters Swimming record.
  43. Attend Question Period in the House of Commons
  44. Go on a multi-day bike trip.
  45. Visit the Farmer's Market more often
  46. Own a good set of knives and know how to properly sharpen them.
  47. Get my teeth whitened.
  48. Create a family cookbook to give to each of my kids when they move out.
  49. Make a pie from scratch (crust and all)
  50. Drive the entire length of the Pacific Coast from Alaska to California
  51. Go on a tour of the White House.
  52. Get properly fitted for a bra.
  53. Read Little Women and Anne of Green Gables (didn't read them as a kid)
  54. Bake my kids a birthday cake. (instead of buying)
  55. Make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing.
  56. Drive a Vespa.
  57. Own a hybrid or electric car.
  58. Go to a luau in Hawaii
  59. Never buy another bottle of water.
  60. Do one chin up.
  61. Take the kids to a sugar bush.
  62. Eat sushi in Japan
  63. Attend an NFL football game and tailgate before the game starts.
  64. Take the Sound of Music Tour in Austria.
  65. Drink a bottle of wine that costs double my age.
  66. Attend a sing-along (Sound of Music? Grease?) at the Hollywood Bowl.
  67. Go whiskey tasting in Scotland.
  68. See a taping of The View with the VIEW.
  69. Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary.
  70. Take a trip with Shannon and Jen.
  71. Do the crane pose in yoga--hold for 1 minute.
  72. Take a cooking class in Tuscany.
  73. Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef
  74. Live in a big city like a local for two months.
  75. Take the kids to see a movie at a drive-in.
  76. See all of the movies on the American Film Institute's Top 100 Films.
  77. Forage for wild, edible mushrooms.
  78. Get back in touch (not just FB) with university roommates. Plan a girls weekend.
  79. Designate 1 day per week as "internet" free.
  80. Live in a house/cottage on water for a year.
  81. Swim a long course 400 IM in under 6: 00.
  82. See the pyramids at Giza.
  83. Give at least $500.00/year to charity.
  84. Worry less about the future. Enjoy the present.
  85. Take a family vacation every year.
  86. Go to a clam bake on the beach.
  87. Eat sourdough bread in San Fransisco.
  88. Host a fancy dinner party.
  89. Learn how to tile. Tile my own back splash.
  90. Make homemade ice cream
  91. Visit Auschwitz
  92. Set foot in all 50 states. (done- California, Florida, New York, Vermont, New Hamshire, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana)
  93. Go to a rodeo.
  94. Swim in a hot springs.
  95. Send my parents on a really nice vacation.
  96. Create a space in the house just for YLal.
  97.  Buy a vintage dress.
  98. Dress up for Halloween
  99. Spend Christmas on the beach.
  100. Create a new family tradition.


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